Thursday, February 2, 2006

The Minus Five -- Alt-pop All-Stars hit the road again.


The jangly pop collective and brainchild of Young Fresh Fellow Scott McCaughey , the
Minus Five is infamous for it’s revolving lineup of who’s who in alternative music.  This
time around no less than fifteen musicians contributed to their latest album, the band’s
seventh, a self titled release, also affectionately known as ‘the Gun Album.’  Every
hipster in America will be covered with this latest incarnation of the Minus Five.

The Band
A virtual All-Star team of alt-rockers and singer-songwriters, the Gun Album features
contributions from Jeff Tweedy and other Wilco-ers, Colin Meloy of The Decemberists,
Peter Buck of R.E.M., Kelly Hogan and John Wesley Harding among others.  Though the
touring band is a bit more sparse, all the artists’ influences come shining through on

The Songs
Why the Minus Five called this latest record 'The Gun Album' isn’t exactly clear.  It could be for the
huge pistol featured on the cover art or the dark lyrics focusing on death and firearms.
Whatever you call it, songs like ‘My Life as a Creep,’ ‘Rifle Called Goodbye,’ and
‘Bought A Rope’ disguise their morbid messages with bouncy, poppy beats.

The Ringer
When he’s not gathering talented musicians for his Minus Five projects, McCaughey is
able to pass the time as R.E.M’s touring guitarist.

Rob Biedermann