Friday, March 31, 2006

Sheryl Crow | Time to ‘Soak Up the Sun’

Much like the upbeat tempo and sunny lyrics of many of her songs, Sheryl Crow is an
enthusiastic and effervescent performer coaxing her audiences into sing-along and clap-
along mode.   Her fresh take on folky and rootsy rock dominated the airwaves in the
Nineties. With an armful of new tunes at the ready, hopefully she will be found on stage
and in the studio and out of the tabloids.

The Woman
Growing up in the Midwest, Crow once taught music to autistic children.  After moving
to LA and working as a session vocalist, she finally landed a recording contract.  She
released her fifth studio album last fall entitled ‘Wildflower’, a sophisticated,
introspective collection of songs.  Crow has come a long way from her days as a backup
singer for Don Henley and Michael Jackson.

The Songs
Since moving to California, Sheryl Crow has taken that west coast vibe and integrated it
into her music. She is at her best when her songs evoke that feeling of hangin’ at  the
beach with friends and beers.  Tunes like ‘All I Wanna Do’ ‘Steve McQueen’ and ‘Soak
Up the Sun’, all make you wanna jump in the convertible and head down to the ol’
swimming hole for a game of volleyball.

Strong Enough
After postponing concert dates earlier this year when she was diagnosed with breast
cancer, Crow has completed successful treatments and is looking forward to getting back
on the road at the perfect time to enjoy her songs, summertime.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sammy Hagar | Tequila Included

What would the summer concert season be without an appearance by the Red Rocker and
his booze soaked entourage?  With over 30 years in the biz, Hagar comes armed with a
slew of hits via his solo beginnings and from his stint as lead singer for Van Halen.
Headbangers and agave aficionados alike will jam the amphitheaters across this great
land of ours to revel in the rambunctiousness of Sammy Hagar.

The Man
Sammy is a busy guy.  On top of overseeing his two Cabo Wabo cantinas in Los Cabos,
Mexico and Lake Tahoe, occasionally dropping in to entertain the masses, he fronts his
solo band ‘The Wabos.' He also recently embarked on a new project ‘The Other Half’ with Van
Halen bassist Michael Anthony, who will also accompany him on the Summer tour.  His
Cabo Wabo brand premium tequila is a top seller as well.

The Songs
Though he became a superstar when he replaced David Lee Roth in Van Halen in 1985,
Hagar was a staple of the rock radio airwaves in the early 80’s.  Classics like ‘I Can’t Drive 55,’
Your Love is Driving Me Crazy,’ and ‘There’s Only One Way to Rock’ forged a love
affair with the suburban kids sporting long hair and cruisin' the strip in their Trans Ams.

Livin Well
At each stop along the summer tour, dubbed the "Livin' It Up", organizers will set up a
"Cabo Wabo village" that will be "jammed with bikini girls, body builders, mariachi
bands, food, drink, contests and probably some other cool stuff to boot," according to
Anthony's website.