Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Supernova - Reality-TV Band Hits the Road

The winner of the CBS-TV reality show ‘Rock Star’ will be just that when he or she takes the stage with the rest of the band at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. This is the first stop of a 27-city tour that should include tunes the new band will record together as well as hits from the other three famous members of the band.

The Band
Supernova was born, not in the romantic traditional way of members placing ads in the Village Voice or meeting at a Bowie show in Hamburg, but in the conference rooms of a network TV studio.  With reality TV experience in the past and Motley Crue on hiatus, Tommy Lee was recruited as drummer and resident troublemaker.  With similar high- profile gigs under their belts, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke signed on to complete the ‘supergroup.'  Collaborating with and producing the bands upcoming album is singer/songwriter/producer and former Marvelous 3 frontman Butch Walker, who has worked with such venerable rock acts Pink, Avril Lavigne, and Lindsay Lohan, among others.

The Songs
The new Supernova songs will largely be a collaborative effort with the current band members and Walker. Presumably, it would be in their best interests, and that of the audience, to work in some old Motley, Metallica and G ‘N R tunes.

What’s in a Name?
It seems as though the name Supernova is already taken by a California rock band, and they want it back.  The band has sued the producers of the show to stop using the name.

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