Wednesday, September 20, 2006

OK GO - Video Helped the Radio Stars

While their radio-friendly power pop bent on resurrecting the likes of Cheap Trick, The Pixies and The Cars don’t necessarily set them apart from their similarly influenced peers, these Chicago rockers have the market cornered on DIY quirky videos. The success of the creative clips for ‘A Million Ways’ and ‘Here We Go Again’ (the treadmill dance) have become bonafide viral sensations on the web. With their reputation as a dynamite live act and the blogosphere tracking their every move, Ok Go’s upcoming tour is fast becoming the must-see show of the fall season.

‘Oh’ Yes
Despite the modest success of modern rock radio hit ‘Get Over It’ and major label marketing dollars behind it, Ok Go’s 2002 self-titled debut release failed to generate much buzz. Their sophomore effort ‘Oh No’, is chock-full of the same infectious pop hooks and sing-along choruses as the first. Suspecting a lack of label support for the new record, the band took it upon themselves to market their product, taking to the streets and more importantly to the web to get the word out. Their low-budget videos spread like the plague on sites like myspace  and youtube, giving the band international exposure.

Turning buzz into bucks
With the power of the internet behind them, the band was invited to perform ‘Here We Go Again’ with treadmills in tow on The MTV Video Music Awards on August 31st. Since that performance, digital downloads and album sales have increased five-fold.

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