Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday Autumn Hike - Busiek State Forest and Wildlife Area - Highlandville, MO

Ahh, there's nothing quite as invigorating for both body and soul as a hearty constitutional through a dense forest on a crisp, sunny fall afternoon. About 20 miles north of Branson on Highway 65, this forest is literally right off the highway, no need to drive ten miles off the road to find it. That said, there are 18 miles of trails and it still feels secluded and very much like wilderness. There are a three trails of varying degree of difficulty on the east side of the forest, two three-milers and one four-miler. The west side offers three trails as well; two three-milers and one that spans 2.1 miles.

We crossed several creeks and the water was crystal clear, for a moment I thought we were in a beer commercial in 1985. The water was down so crossing was not an issue provided you find solid logs and rocks to anchor you. Littered with rocks and roots, you have to keep your eyes on the trail if you don't wanna crawl out of the forest with a twisted ankle or knee. The trails at Busiek are also popular amongst the horseback riding set, which makes dodging constant land mines part of the fun exciting challenge! 

Fall colors were in full view with trees and bushes morphing into vibrant shades of purple, orange, yellow and red.  The entire trek was very scenic, but a little less challenging that we would have liked.  My only complaint is that the trails could be marked a little better. There are so many forks and separations that you are not sure if you're still on one trail or have veered off onto another. Luckily I had my trail master wife with me.  She has come to be known as Sacagawea as soon as we step into the woods for her uncanny ability to know exactly where we are and which way to go at all times. 

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